• Craig Aaron

    President and CEO

    Craig has led Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund since 2011. For more than a decade, he has been a leader in major campaigns to safeguard Net Neutrality, stop media mergers and consolidation, oppose unchecked surveillance, defend public media and sustain quality journalism. He works in Washington and speaks often to the press and the public on media and technology issues. He has written for The Daily Beast, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Hill, MSNBC, Politico, The Progressive, The Seattle Times, Slate and many other outlets. Before joining Free Press, he was an investigative reporter for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch and the managing editor of In These Times magazine. He is the editor of two books, Appeal to Reason: 25 Years of In These Times and Changing Media: Public Interest Policies for the Digital Age. He is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Follow him on Twitter @notaaroncraig.

  • Kimberly Longey

    Chief Operating Officer

    Kimberly oversees organizational development, strategic planning, staffing and financial management activities. She is also a key member of our fundraising team. Kimberly has more than 25 years’ experience building, growing and reinventing nonprofit organizations. Before joining Free Press, Kimberly served as deputy director of the Proteus Fund and executive director of the Hilltown Community Development Corp. She has held numerous elected and appointed government and civic positions in Massachusetts. Kimberly recently served as president of the board of the Solidago Foundation and as president of the Old Creamery Co-op. She remains an active supporter of both organizations. She holds a master’s degree in community economic development from the University of Southern New Hampshire.  When not at work, Kimberly can be found taking her two Irish setters on long walks in the woods, conjuring up elaborate menus for her next dinner party or planning her next trip to Italy.

  • Alicia Bell


    Alicia works with Free Press members, allies and community members on the News Voices: North Carolina project. Their life’s goal is to create a world where all people can both survive and thrive. This has led them from electoral organizing in North Carolina to parent, student and youth organizing in New York to housing, health and police-accountability organizing in Oakland and finally back home to reimagine the future of their various communities. Alicia holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and a ​master’s degree in educational leadership, politics and advocacy from New York University. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with the earth and water by gardening, making medicine, hiking and sitting by the ocean.

  • Alison Brzenchek

    Campaign Organizer and Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow

    Alison collaborates with the communications, advocacy and policy staff to engage activists, connect community members, plan and execute campaign events and conduct campaign research. Her 17 years of expertise in media literacy, activism and advocacy work began when she was elected to the Action Coalition for Media Education Board of Directors; she subsequently served as the group’s vice president of media reform, communications director and vice president. Alison has a doctorate in communication from the University of Massachusetts and a master’s in social work from the University of Michigan. As an activist, researcher and educator she focuses on feminist cultural and political economic analysis to challenge systemic oppression and promote equality in the digital media landscape. She is currently working on a research project entitled “The Donald Trump Docusoap: Fake News, Mediated Authenticity and Populist Affluence.” Follow her on Twitter @Dr_Ali_B.

  • Candace Clement

    Campaign Director

    Candace directs Free Press’ campaigns to save the free and open internet, curb runaway media consolidation, protect press freedom, and ensure diverse voices are represented in our media. She is the former board president of Girls Rock Campaign Boston. Before joining Free Press, Candace worked with community radio station Valley Free Radio. Candace holds a B.A. in American studies from Smith College, with a concentration in media and culture. Candace loves all things pop culture. Follow her on Twitter @candacejeanne.

  • Dutch Cosmian

    Digital Director

    Dutch joined Free Press in 2007 as office manager. After wearing many hats, they now oversee Web development, online advocacy and outreach, data analysis and content creation for, and Dutch also manages the organization's social media outreach. Perhaps one of the most helpful cynics you'll meet, they can also be found hiking around Western Massachusetts, enjoying delicious IPAs and rooting for the Chicago Cubs. Follow them on Twitter @dutch__e.

  • Mary Alice Crim

    Field Director

    Mary Alice directs Free Press’ field efforts and participates in ongoing campaign and policy initiatives through organizing and public education activities. She runs a variety of campaigns and manages the News Voices project, which connects community members and journalists to address the crisis in local news. She also develops and runs Free Press events like the National Conference for Media Reform and leads the organization’s member-engagement work. Mary Alice serves on the board of Northampton Community Television and earned bachelor's degrees in media studies and Spanish from Southern Connecticut State University. When she isn’t working she’s likely taking on one of her hobbies: softball, volleyball, playing with her dog, gardening and brewing.

  • Carrie Cuthbert

    Development Director

    Carrie oversees all fundraising activities for Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund. Before joining Free Press, Carrie served for more than eight years as founding co-director of the Women's Rights Network, a human rights organization working to end violence against women, and for three years on the development team at Amherst College. She's a member of the board of Safe Passage, which serves survivors of domestic violence. Carrie earned a B.A. in anthropology from Amherst College and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Outside of work she can be found experimenting in the kitchen, hiking mountain trails, drinking chai, devouring fiction — and driving carpools.

  • Dana Floberg

    Policy Analyst

    Dana supports the policy team on a wide range of media and broadband issues, researching and articulating policy solutions that serve the public interest. A former Free Press intern, she earned her B.A. in communications and public service at the University of Pennsylvania, where she wrote her thesis on the rhetorical history of the municipal broadband debate in Seattle. Outside of work Dana can be found roasting vegetables and wandering the city in search of great reading nooks. Follow her on Twitter @dana_flo.

  • Brandon Forester


    Brandon works with Free Press allies and activists to help empower people in their own communities to fight for a fair and open internet for all. Before joining Free Press, he worked as a community, labor, political and electoral organizer. Earlier he worked as an educator and served as an English education volunteer in the United States Peace Corps, serving in both the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and Rwanda. Brandon is originally from Kansas and earned his B.A. in international political economy with a focus on international development from the University of Puget Sound. On weekends he enjoys being out in his garden or smoking meats to share with family, friends and dogs.

  • Heather Franklin

    Digital Campaigner and C. Edwin Baker Fellow

    Heather collaborates with Free Press’ advocacy, field and policy staff to support campaign and ally work. She focuses on digital organizing and engagement. A former Free Press intern and organizer, Heather earned her B.A. in social thought and political economy and her master of public policy from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Follow her on Twitter @hfranklin93.

  • Nicole Fritz

    Finance Manager

    Nicole oversees Free Press’ bookkeeping systems and ensures that program directors and board members have up-to-date financial information. She has a B.A. in business administration with a major in finance from Portland State University. After more than a decade on the West Coast, she relocated to Western Massachusetts to be closer to family. Nicole’s happy about having access to lots of great local food, discovering a new favorite red ale when her Portland-brewed supply runs out and discovering the local parks and trails with her family.

  • Sandra Fulton

    Government Relations Director

    Sandra coordinates Free Press’ legislative outreach and lobbying efforts. Before joining Free Press, she served as a legislative assistant in the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington office, where she focused on First Amendment and privacy issues, including Net Neutrality, minority media ownership, government spying programs, and updating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Prior to that, she served as a research associate for a 2008 congressional campaign in Maryland and worked in Discovery Communications’ government relations group. Sandra earned a degree in political science from the University of Maryland. Follow her on Twitter @radsandy.

  • Jessica J. González

    Deputy Director and Senior Counsel

    Jessica works closely with the executive team and key stakeholders to develop and execute strategies to advance Free Press’ mission. Jessica has been a key voice in the fights for Net Neutrality, affordable internet service and media diversity. Previously, she was the executive vice president and general counsel at the National Hispanic Media Coalition, where she led the policy shop and helped coordinate campaigns against racist and xenophobic media programming. Prior to that she was a staff attorney and teaching fellow at Georgetown Law’s Institute for Public Representation, where she represented public interest and civil rights groups before the FCC, the NTIA and in the courts of appeal. Jessica has testified before Congress on multiple occasions, including once before the House to support Net Neutrality while suffering from acute morning sickness, and another time before the Senate while eight months pregnant to support affordable internet access for low-income people. Follow her on Twitter @JGo4Justice.

  • Timothy Karr

    Senior Director of Strategy and Communications

    Timothy builds on Free Press’ grassroots and policy work to promote universal access to open networks and protect free speech everywhere. Before joining Free Press, Tim served as executive director of and as vice president of Globalvision New Media. He has also worked extensively as an editor, reporter and photojournalist for the Associated Press, Time, Inc., the New York Times and Australia Consolidated Press. Tim critiques, analyzes and reports on media and media policy for the Huffington Post and on his personal blog, MediaCitizen. When not wrangling with media, Tim is busy chauffeuring his two daughters to soccer matches across northern New Jersey. Follow him on Twitter @TimKarr.

  • Amy Kroin


    Amy edits all Free Press and Free Press Action Fund communications. She also edits and monitors the Free Press and Save the Internet websites, coordinates and edits all blogs and helps create campaign, outreach and development materials. Amy has worked as a writer and editor for more than 15 years and her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post and Salon, among other outlets. Amy holds a B.A. in English from Vassar College and an M.F.A. in English from UMass Amherst. She loves hiking, writing, singing and proving to any and all contrarians that Mad Men is the best show of all time. Follow her on Twitter @AmyKroin.

  • Gaurav Laroia

    Policy Counsel

    Gaurav is Free Press’ policy counsel and works alongside the policy team on topics ranging from internet freedom issues like Net Neutrality and media ownership to consumer privacy and government surveillance. Gaurav’s human rights and civil liberties work has taken him from Capitol Hill to Uganda, India and Liberia. Before joining Free Press, he worked at the Government Accountability Project protecting the rights of national security whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, and prior to that as a legislative counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union. He earned both his B.A. in international affairs and his J.D. from the George Washington University. Outside of work he can be found getting some fresh air riding his bike to and from one of D.C.’s many roof decks. Follow him on Twitter @gauravlaroia.

  • Sara Longsmith

    Foundation Relations Manager

    Sara works to secure financial support for Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund. She is responsible for all aspects of institutional funding and coordinates all grantwriting and reporting efforts. She has more than 15 years' experience helping nonprofits obtain resources to carry out their work. Organizing community radio in her hometown sparked Sara’s interest in fighting for universal access to media tools. Before joining Free Press, Sara was a senior development associate for Community Action in Western Massachusetts. She earned her B.S. in biology at Davidson College and her M.A. in intercultural and international management at the SIT Graduate Institute. Sara loves cold-water swimming and winning online contests. She’ll pickle pretty much anything at least once. Follow her on Twitter @familyventure.

  • Lucia M.

    Digital Campaigner

    Lucia is a digital campaigner at Free Press, where she coordinates the technical execution of Free Press’ online advocacy and focuses on digital engagement, content creation and social-media strategy and co-leads the race-equity working group. Lucia earned her B.A. in Latino/a & Latin American Studies at Occidental College, where she was an organizer with the Coalition at Oxy for Diversity and Equity. She is a recipient of the 2017 Kairos Fellowship, an opportunity for digital campaigners of color to help bridge the gap between online advocacy and racial justice. Lucia is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is a longtime member of Generation Justice as well as a Civic Opportunities Initiative Network scholar.

  • Amy Martyn

    Administrative Director

    Amy oversees Free Press’ operations team, including human resources, IT, finance and facilities, and ensures compliance with state and federal regulations for employment, nonprofit corporations and advocacy. She has more than 20 years of nonprofit administrative experience, including as administrative director of the Solidago Foundation and administrative manager of the Western Massachusetts Planned Parenthood Center. Amy earned a B.A. in women's studies from Norwich University.

  • Fiona Morgan

    Journalism Program Director

    Fiona directs Free Press’ journalism programs. Before joining Free Press, she worked at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, where she researched the information needs of low-income communities. She authored a report for the New America Foundation’s Media Policy Initiative on the media ecology of North Carolina's Research Triangle region. She is also a former associate editor at Salon and was a reporter for Indy Week, the alternative newsweekly in Durham, N.C., where her interest in media policy developed. She earned her master’s in public policy from Duke and a B.A. in English from the University of Washington. Follow her on Twitter @fionamorgan.

  • Misty Perez Truedson

    Managing Director

    Misty oversees the Free Press staff and helps define strategy, direction and evaluation for the organization. She also plays a key role in leading the digital communications and advocacy and organizing teams. Before joining Free Press, Misty was the statewide grassroots organizing coordinator for Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. She holds a master’s degree in community development and planning from Clark University.

  • Yesenia Perez-Algarin

    Associate Development Director

    Yesenia works with the development team to implement all fundraising efforts for Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund. She has over 12 years of experience in content management and fundraising. Yesenia comes to Free Press from the Institute for Community Economics. She received her B.S. in business administration from Bernard M. Baruch College. When not raising funds to fight telecom giants, Yesenia’s sharing her love of music, passion for dance and commitment to fitness as a Zumba instructor.

  • O'neil Pryce

    Special Assistant to the President and CEO

    O’neil provides executive assistance to the president and CEO, helps manage and oversee the D.C. office, supports development and fundraising activities and assists on special projects. Before joining Free Press, he served as the program and operations manager for the Democracy Initiative, which promotes voting rights and works to get money out of politics. O’neil holds a B.A. from the University of Delaware, where he studied political science and public policy. Outside of the office O’neil can be found exploring and brunching around D.C. Follow him on Twitter @pryceisright007.

  • Mike Rispoli

    News Voices Director

    Mike directs Free Press’ News Voices project, which connects local communities and the newsrooms that serve them via public engagement, advocacy campaigns and collaborative projects. He also teaches journalism as a part-time lecturer at Rutgers University. Before joining Free Press, Mike worked for the human-rights organizations Privacy International and Access. Mike also served as the technical editor on the 2015 book You: For Sale, a look at protecting user data and privacy online. In a past life, Mike was a journalist for the Newark Star-Ledger and Gannett Newspapers. Mike received his master’s degree in media studies and media management at the New School in New York City and his bachelor’s degree in journalism at Marist College. Follow him on Twitter @rispolimike.

  • James L. Thompson


    James works with Free Press members, allies and community members on the News Voices: New Jersey project. Throughout his career as an organizer James has assisted in developing models and methods to increase community engagement and advocacy for a stronger and more inclusive democracy. Prior to joining Free Press, James executed organizing and strategic campaigns with Pennsylvania ACORN, the Housing and Community Development Network of NJ and the Service Employees International Union. James earned his B.A. in political science from West Virginia University and is currently in the masters of public administration program at Rutgers-Camden University, with a focus on community development. When he’s not on the ground working with community allies and Free Press members, James spends his time gardening and cycling.

  • Joseph Torres

    Senior Director of Strategy and Engagement

    Joseph advocates in Washington to ensure that our nation’s media policies serve the public interest and builds coalitions to broaden the movement's base. Joseph writes frequently on media and internet issues and is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media. He is the 2015 recipient of the Everett C. Parker Award, which recognizes an individual whose work embodies the principles and values of the public interest. Before joining Free Press, Joseph worked as deputy director of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and was a journalist for several years. He earned a degree in communications from the College of Staten Island. Follow him on Twitter @JosephATorres.

  • S. Derek Turner

    Research Director

    Derek oversees Free Press’ research and policy analysis efforts in Washington. He has written extensively on a wide range of media and technology issues, and regularly testifies before Congress and the FCC. His reports have examined consolidation in the broadcast television industry, the economics of the pay-TV market, the state of domestic broadband competition, the role of the Universal Service Fund and the lack of female and minority media ownership. Derek holds a master's degree in public policy from the Goldman School at the University of California, Berkeley, where he received the 2006 Smolensky Prize for Outstanding Advanced Policy Analysis. He is the lead author of the book Changing Media: Public Interest Policies for the Digital Age.

  • Stefan Ward-Wheten

    Office Manager

    Stefan provides IT and logistical support to the offices in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., supports staff projects and helps ensure that operations run smoothly at all levels. Stefan studied literature and political science at Williams College, and he has a background in journalism and nonprofit and business management. Outside of Free Press, he serves as a board member and programmer for Valley Free Radio, the Pioneer Valley’s premier community-radio station, and he can often be found biking through the back roads of Western Massachusetts or researching arcane slow-cooker recipes at a local library.

  • Collette Watson

    Digital Communications Manager

    Collette is responsible for unifying messaging and content across Free Press’ digital channels, working closely with all teams to elevate the organization’s profile among online audiences. Prior to joining Free Press, Collette worked as a copywriter and creative lead in the New York office of J. Walter Thompson, where she earned the American Advertising Federation MOSAIC Awards 2013 Grand Prize for Workforce Diversity Communications. She is a proud graduate of Howard University with a B.A. in radio/TV/film production, and an incurable indie singer-songwriter-media maker.

  • Matt Wood

    Policy Director

    Matt helps shape our policy team’s efforts to protect the open internet, prevent media concentration, promote affordable broadband deployment and safeguard press freedom. He’s served as an expert witness before Congress on multiple occasions. Before joining Free Press, he worked at the public interest law firm Media Access Project and in the communications practice groups of two private law firms in Washington, D.C. Before that, he served as editor-in-chief for the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, worked for PBS, and spent time at several professional and college radio and television stations. Matt earned his B.A. in film studies from Columbia University and his J.D. from Harvard Law School. Matt likes watching sports, riding his bicycle and talking about philosophy — just not all at the same time. Follow him on Twitter @mattfwood.

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