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  • News Voices

    Our News Voices campaign organizes events, workshops and collaborative projects to build power with communities seeking a stronger voice in local news.

  • Media Reparations

    Anti-Black racism has always shaped our media system. It’s crucial to fight for the repair and reconciliation needed to build free and just communities.

  • Press Freedom

    The First Amendment protects all acts of journalism. But threats to people working to uncover government and corporate wrongdoing are on the rise.

  • Public Media

    Public and community media outlets can provide platforms for diverse voices and local programs that the commercial media won’t put on the air.

Our Work on the Future of Journalism

How do we hold news outlets accountable? How do we make sure our communities are represented accurately?

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as we challenge powerful corporations, hold policymakers accountable and mobilize millions.

Get updates:

We respect your privacy