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We're Suing the FCC to Save Net Neutrality

We need to raise $150,000 so we can keep fighting back in the crucial months ahead.
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And because the FCC slashed its media-ownership limits in 2017, corporations will now be able to own the daily newspaper and multiple TV and radio stations in the same market — which will give us fewer voices and viewpoints, and far less local-news coverage. It also means that the low rates of media ownership among women and people of color will continue to plunge.

Consolidation has also long run rampant in the cable and broadband industries, where companies like Comcast would rather spend billions to kill off their competitors than improve their service or build out their networks to unserved and underserved communities.

The FCC and the Justice Department should protect our ability to connect, communicate and organize for social change by blocking dangerous mergers and boosting diverse media ownership.

Question and Answers


    Why is this a racial justice issue?

    A: When a handful of corporations own nearly all of our news media, owners of color are crowded out and people of color are either stereotyped or ignored in news coverage. The free and open internet enables communities of color to push back and organize for racial justice, but too many Black and Latinx families are unable to afford access to this vital platform. Decades of mergers have created this dynamic: When companies have no competitors they can afford to charge steep prices.

    What's the difference between a merger and a monopoly?

    A: A merger is when two companies combine into one. Monopolies occur when a single company dominates the market for a particular service or product.

    What does this have to do with Net Neutrality?

    A: Net Neutrality democratizes media making and ensures that internet service providers can’t block online speech. In the absence of Net Neutrality protections, media consolidation will only accelerate the silencing of voices that are independent, diverse and responsive to community concerns.

Our Work on Media Consolidation

We urge the FCC to promote competition and lobby against harmful mergers both inside the Beltway and out in the field.

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