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Free Press offers unique internship and fellowship opportunities that allow you to put your skills and values to work on cutting-edge media-policy debates. Free Press interns and fellows support our campaigns to save Net Neutrality, achieve affordable internet access for all, uplift the voices of people of color in the media, challenge old and new media gatekeepers to serve the public interest, end unwarranted surveillance, defend press freedom and reimagine local journalism.

Free Press interns are key members of our team and are involved in research, outreach, policy, development and communications work.

We’re committed to ensuring that every internship is meaningful. All internships and fellowships are designed to give students a chance to make a real impact, develop new skills and network with leading digital-rights and civil-rights organizations around the country.

Because structural racism and a lack of inclusion in the policymaking process are true barriers to media benefiting everyone, we center racial justice in our work and seek interns and fellows who share our values and approaches.

Free Press considers applications only from people who are currently enrolled in college or graduate school.

Fall and spring semesters:

  • Undergraduate and graduate internships (not currently accepting applications)

Summer internships:

  • Cultural Strategy Intern (not currently accepting applications)

  • Research/Policy Intern (not currently accepting applications)

  • Student Legal/Policy Fellows (not currently accepting applications)

  • Digital/Communications Internship (not currently accepting applications)

  • Free Press Organizing Boot Camp (not currently accepting applications)

Year-round fellowship:

  • C. Edwin Baker Media Policy Fellowship (not currently accepting applications)

Here’s what former interns and fellows had to say about their time at Free Press

Paul Papiel, 2017 summer fellow:

“My Free Press fellowship was an incredibly rewarding experience. It was a great combination of soaking up policy discussions, learning about policy processes and participating in them by applying that accumulated knowledge to lobby for crucial change. While at Free Press, I had the opportunity to work on a range of key media-policy issues, from Net Neutrality to media-ownership concentration. Most importantly, it was an opportunity to work alongside really smart, passionate people who generously shared their knowledge and experiences. I learned a lot from them.”

Imani Sherman, 2017 summer fellow:

“Working at Free Press allowed me to see firsthand the impact of nonprofit work and the power of community. The ability to rally people together for a worthy cause is priceless and applicable to other disciplines. While interning at Free Press I learned a lot about politics, politicians and the role of constituents. I enjoyed my summer and will always remember to speak truth to power.”

Heather Franklin, 2015 summer intern:

“When you’re an intern at Free Press, you’re not here to do meaningless busywork, make coffee or run packages to the post office. You’re here to make meaningful contributions to the work of the organization. My time as a Free Press intern gave me substantive skills and opened the door to every position I’ve held in my field since graduation.”

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