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    We're powerful when we stand together. Add your voice to one of our current campaigns.

  • Make a Call

    Phone calls make a huge impact with lawmakers: Use the power of your voice and reach out to them about one of our current campaigns.

  • Share Your Story

    Lawmakers pay attention when you take the time to write a letter to the editor of your local paper or email a comment on an issue you care about.

  • Join an Event

    Ready to take the fight for your rights to connect and communicate offline? Connect with us, our allies and other activists at conferences, rallies, hearings, workshops, lectures, parties and discussions.

  • Plan an In-District Meeting

    Face-to-face meetings are one of the best ways to remind lawmakers that it's their job to serve the public. That's why Free Press activists from around the country visit their members’ offices.

  • Volunteer in the Field

    Want to dig deeper into the fight for everyone’s rights to connect and communicate? You can get started right in your community.

  • Activist Tools

    Want to know how to lobby your lawmakers? How to write an effective letter to the editor? How to start your own radio station? We’ve got you covered.

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Get updates:

We respect your privacy