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We believe that positive social change, racial justice and meaningful engagement in public life require equitable access to technology, diverse and independent ownership of media platforms, and journalism that holds leaders accountable and tells people what’s actually happening in their communities.

We seek to change the media to transform democracy to realize a just society.

Since Free Press was founded  in 2003, the media landscape has changed dramatically. Media and technology are now intertwined in our daily lives, vital to the health of our communities, and essential to a functioning democracy. We believe the fight for racial justice must be at the center of transforming our media and our democracy.

Media and technology can be used to oppress people — or to liberate them. We focus on these powerful platforms and tools because they have an outsized influence not just on our political system but on the kind of society we will have and the lives we will lead.

Free Press closely watches as the decisions shaping the media landscape are made and sounds the alarm when people’s rights to connect and communicate are in danger. We focus on saving Net Neutrality, achieving affordable internet access for all, uplifting the voices of people of color in the media, challenging old and new media gatekeepers to serve the public interest, ending unwarranted surveillance, defending press freedom and reimagining local journalism.

Through activism and advocacy on all these issues and more, we work to challenge powerful corporations, influence policymakers, raise public awareness and mobilize millions. We invite people to envision what a transformed media could look like and how technology could improve their lives — and then we fight alongside them to make it happen.

Check out this timeline showing milestones from Free Press’ history.

Free Press (501c3) and Free Press Action Fund (501c4) are two separate, autonomous and interrelated organizations. Both organizations are completely independent: We don’t take money from business, government or political parties and rely on the generosity of charitable foundations and individual donors to fuel our work.

  • Staff

    Our dynamic team is a mix of organizers, campaigners, advocates, lawyers, researchers, digital communicators, fundraisers and administrators. We use grassroots campaigns, groundbreaking research and direct advocacy to fight for your rights to connect and communicate.

  • Board

    Free Press and Free Press Action are independent, interrelated and autonomous organizations. Each is governed by a board of directors. Directors serve as volunteers and work together as a policymaking body.

  • Financials

    Free Press is completely independent: We don't take a single cent from business, government or political parties and rely on the generosity of individual donors and charitable foundations to fuel our work. Check out our annual reports, impact reports and audited financials.

  • Jobs

    Our team is a mix of committed organizers, campaigners, policy experts, digital communicators, administrators and fundraisers. We're committed to recruiting and retaining creative, ethical, smart and innovative people. We offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits. Come work with us!

  • Internships & Fellowships

    Are you a student looking to save Net Neutrality, transform local journalism, defend press freedom and fight for affordable internet access? Check out our internship and fellowship programs.

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We respect your privacy