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  • Media & Platform Accountability

    Hate and disinformation are proliferating on both traditional media and social-media platforms — endangering the lives of people of color, women, the LGBTQIA+ community, immigrants and religious minorities.

  • Free & Open Internet

    The free and open internet is a powerful tool for everyone fighting for social change and racial justice. But companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon — and their government allies — want to destroy it.

  • Future of Journalism

    When giant out-of-touch corporations own the news, the stories of people of color and other communities go untold. We fight to hold these companies accountable, defend press freedom, strengthen local journalism and protect public and community media.

  • Media Control

    Powerful corporations want to decide what you're able to watch, listen to, read and share. And runaway media consolidation among news organizations has squashed diverse, local and independent voices, leaving us in the dark about important developments in our communities.

  • Privacy & Surveillance

    Technology lets us communicate to the world, connect to our loved ones and organize for change. But the government and corporations can exploit these same tools to spy on innocent people, silence dissenting voices, criminalize communities of color and violate everyone’s privacy.

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We respect your privacy