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Amanda Beckham (she/hers) executes Free Press’ strategy for engaging lawmakers in D.C. to advance policy that achieves our core goals of promoting equitable access to technology, saving Net Neutrality, and ensuring that media and technology are tools of democracy and not oppression. Empowerment and accountability drive Amanda’s approach to government advocacy. She believes in empowering our communities, partner organizations and government allies to develop policy solutions to issues such as closing the digital divide, combating online disinformation and ending harmful surveillance practices. She also believes that within our movement, we must hold ourselves and others accountable to our mission, communities and commitments. Amanda comes to Free Press having spent three years with Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts advocating at the state level for policies that remove barriers to health-care access and protect the right to bodily autonomy. She earned her B.A. from the University of Michigan, majoring in political science with a minor in German. Outside of work she is passionate about food — both experimenting with new recipes and visiting new restaurants — travel and film.