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Diamond Hardiman (she/hers) is a cultural organizer grown from the love of a family from Aurora and Park Hill, Colorado. In her role at Free Press, she builds the dreams, power and local journalism needed to forge a reparative media future. She works with the Media 2070 and News Voices teams to name what is required for local-news ecosystems (including journalists, communities, journalism institutions, funders, organizers and policymakers) to confront their histories of harm and listen to communities seeding repair. Before joining Free Press, she worked as a tenants-rights advocate in downtown St. Louis, a bail-support and resource advocate at the St. Louis Bail Project, and a member of a post-conviction team for men facing capital punishment in Jackson, Mississippi. She graduated summa cum laude from Saint Louis University with a degree in African American studies and political science. When she is and isn’t alchemizing journalism, language and narrative, you can find her loving on her people, resting well and marveling at nature.

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