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News Voices

Building people power to win the local media transformations that communities need to thrive.

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Our communities rely on local news to learn about local issues, weigh in on civic debates, keep an eye on those in power, and elevate community voices. But you may have noticed that sometimes the media fall short. Local news tends to overemphasize crime and underreport community-based solutions. People of color are often ignored, misrepresented or maligned. And too many newsrooms that are working to provide informative local coverage are shrinking and shutting down. News Voices has developed strategies to help journalists and communities strengthen and transform local coverage so that people get the news and information they need. We’re here to support you as you work to transform your local media. Sign up and we’ll get you started.

Our Work

Take a moment to imagine a different future for local journalism. What would it look like if:

  • Local media provided stories and information that helped people make decisions, take action and engage in conversations that matter?
  • Journalists collaborated with the public to amplify community narratives and give voice to important underreported stories? 
  • Journalism organizations were accountable to, and reflective of, the diverse communities they serve?
  • Newsrooms acknowledged past harms, apologized, and worked to repair and care for the communities they’ve wronged?
  • Public policies helped increase the number of local-journalism outlets and expand the number of journalists and storytellers of color?

Free Press’ News Voices program is turning these “what ifs?” into reality.

News Voices organizes with communities, journalists and newsrooms to build power and advocate for the news, information and narratives that people need to thrive. 

We do this by collectively dreaming up new media futures, addressing media harms, designing equitable engagement strategies, building power with communities and advocating for journalism repair and transformation. We also train and support journalists and organizers around the country who want stronger local-journalism infrastructure. 

Dive into our Projects page to learn more about our work. Our Resource Library page offers resources for journalists and community members to apply organizing principles to transform local news. 

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Our Work on Local Journalism

The future of journalism and the future of our communities are intertwined. News Voices is bringing communities and newsrooms together. Here's how:

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