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After Buffalo, Media and Tech Can’t Look Away Any Longer

This tragedy should be a catalyst to a fundamental reckoning.
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We don’t take a single cent from business, government or political parties — our work is funded solely through contributions from charitable foundations and individuals like you. This means we’re 100 percent independent: We don’t compromise or get distracted from our mission of fighting for your rights to connect and communicate.

Every dollar you give will help power our campaigns to save Net Neutrality, achieve affordable internet access for all, uplift the voices of people of color in the media, challenge old and new media gatekeepers to serve the public interest, end unwarranted surveillance, defend press freedom and reimagine local journalism.

Give to Free Press Action Fund

Gifts to Free Press Action Fund — a 501c4 organization — are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or as business expenses under IRC §162(e).

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Gifts to Free Press — a 501c3 organization — are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

More Ways to Give

Monthly Giving

Our monthly donors provide the ongoing, reliable source of funding Free Press needs to execute campaigns and pivot as situations evolve. Fund the fight — every single month. 


To give by phone, call Kimberly Longey at (202) 455-8574‬.


To contribute to Free Press Action Fund via mail, download a form here. To contribute to Free Press via mail, download a form here. Make checks payable to Free Press Action Fund or Free Press, and send to:

Free Press Action Fund/Free Press
PO Box 60238
Florence, MA 01062

Planned Giving

For information about planned giving opportunities, please contact Kimberly Longey at (202) 455-8574, or reach out to her.

Stocks and Securities

Making a gift of stock or securities is a great way to support Free Press or Free Press Action Fund. Using securities to make such a gift allows you to liquidate a stock or mutual fund and retain your cash for other purposes. If you are considering making a gift of stock, please contact Kimberly Longey at (202) 455-8574, or reach out to her.


If you direct your gift of stock or securities to Free Press, you can double your tax benefits in at least two ways (we recommend you check with your tax adviser on the applicability of these tax benefits):

  1. Through a charitable deduction that reduces your taxes on other income; and
  2. By eliminating the capital gains tax you would otherwise have to pay on any increase in a stock’s value since your initial purchase.

Donor-Advised Funds

A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is a 501c3 public charity that allows a donor to take a charitable deduction during the year in which a charitable gift is contributed to the fund. The monies contributed may then be donated to charitable organizations. You can recommend how much (and how often) you want to distribute money from that fund to Free Press Action Fund, Free Press or other charities.

To set up a DAF, contact your financial or legal adviser. To recommend a gift to Free Press Action Fund or Free Press, you’ll need our legal name and address: Free Press Action Fund/Free Press, PO Box 60238, Florence, MA 01062. Free Press Action Fund’s federal tax identification number is 41-3771598. Free Press’ tax identification number is 41-2106721.

Workplace Matching Donations and Other Giving Vehicles

Many people take advantage of opportunities to support our work through workplace employee matching contributions. Ask your employer if this is an option for you.

Some people choose to contribute through vehicles like JustGive or Network for Good. If you would like to donate through one of these vehicles and don’t see Free Press Action Fund or Free Press listed as a recipient organization, call Kimberly Longey at (202) 455-8574, or reach out to her.

Fundraise on Our Behalf

Want to donate your birthday to Free Press Action Fund or Free Press? Hold a fundraising house party or other event to benefit our work? We welcome your creative ideas. We’re here to help you with graphics, language and anything else you need to get your fundraiser off the ground. Give Kimberly Longey at (202) 455-8574 a call, or reach out to her.

Question and Answers


    Is there a minimum (or maximum) gift amount?

    A: There’s a $5 minimum for gifts made online. There’s no minimum for any other kind of gift. There’s no maximum gift amount — ever.

    How do I update my credit card or other personal information?

    A: To change personal information related to your gift, please call Kimberly Longey at (202) 455-8574.

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