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We use our findings to support our campaign work, inform policymakers and get the truth out in the press.

We also monitor the FCC and file extensive comments on agency proposals that impact the open internet, local journalism, privacy and media ownership. We’ve taken the agency to court (and won) when it’s made decisions that harm the public. We also lobby key committees in Congress to ensure the public’s voice is heard.

Check out our policy library with all our recent congressional testimony, FCC filings, research reports and more. 

Question and Answers


    What do you use your research for?

    A: Our groundbreaking research supports our campaigns and helps us make our case before Congress and the FCC. It also helps us get the truth out: The Associated Press, Bloomberg, the New York Times and other prominent news organizations have cited our studies.

    Where can I find some of your best research?

    A: Great question! You can find all of our research in the policy library. There you'll find our in-depth reports, congressional testimony, filings with the FCC and other government agencies, letters to key lawmakers and information on related legislation.

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