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It’s on: Dust off your vocal chords and post a video for the #callyourrep4thenet karaoke challenge. Show us how much you really love the internet.

Not a great singer? PERFECT. That’s the beauty of karaoke. What’s important is that all our voices together could spark massive awareness of how close we are to bringing back Net Neutrality.

A few months ago, the Senate passed a Congressional Review Act resolution that would restore the open-internet rules. Now we need the House to do the same.

And we need just 41 more lawmakers to sign on to a companion bill in the House to force a full vote there.

This challenge is a fun way to get folks singing, talking and — most importantly — calling their reps to get them on board.

We’re so close but we need your help: Do the #callyourrep4thenet karaoke challenge now to show the world why Net Neutrality is a really big deal.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Change the words to your favorite song into a pro-Net Neutrality anthem. Include the line “Call your rep for the net.” (It’s totally cool to do just part of the song.)

  2. Make a video of yourself jamming out.

  3. Post your video online with the hashtag #callyourrep4thenet.

  4. Tag your friends and family and challenge them to participate.

Free Press will repost all hashtagged videos and add them to our wall at We may even @ mention your House rep to make sure they get the message.

What’s your favorite song? Who’s your favorite band? Do you have backup dancers? Get as creative as you can.

And if you need some inspiration, check out this medley from Free Press staffers.

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