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WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on President Joe Biden’s nomination of Jessica Rosenworcel as chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission. The committee also heard from Georgetown Law Professor Alvaro Bedoya, who previously served on Free Press’ board of directors, and whom Biden nominated to serve as a commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission. If confirmed, Rosenworcel would be the first woman to serve as the FCC chair on a permanent basis.

President Biden has also nominated longtime public-interest advocate Gigi Sohn to be an FCC commissioner and Alan Davidson, the former head of New America’s Open Technology Institute, to be director of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. Earlier this week, 80 civil-society groups called on Senate leadership to expedite the process and confirm these two other nominees as well.

Free Press Action Co-CEO Craig Aaron said:

“Both Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel and Professor Alvaro Bedoya are leaders committed to the public interest and longtime advocates of a more open, equitable and inclusive media system. Both are champions of causes that prioritize people over powerful telecommunications, broadcast and internet companies. They have the political savvy and the incredible depth of legal and technical knowledge to take on the many challenges before them at both agencies.

“Rosenworcel has a proven track record of getting big things done. And there’s no bigger challenge at the FCC than implementing the historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which includes $14 billion for broadband affordability. As commissioner, she played a critical role in safeguarding and strengthening Net Neutrality protections. She reiterated her strong support for the open internet today and highlighted the need to restore the FCC’s authority to oversee internet service providers at this crucial moment. Her leadership on broadband affordability and access issues will help people get and stay connected to high-speed internet during the pandemic and beyond.

“Earlier this fall, Rosenworcel also showed a willingness to conduct a comprehensive review of the agency’s history of policymaking, which has left Black and Brown communities with very little control of the media. It’s long past time for a reckoning on systemic racism in U.S. media and we’re confident that Rosenworcel will take the necessary steps to help repair and redress past wrongs and move toward a more just and democratic media system.

“Professor Bedoya is a devoted advocate for policies and programs that will help people protect their privacy and their rights to equal opportunity. He brings significant experience from inside academia, Congress and the advocacy world. He has long been a clarion voice and visionary for what needs to be done to protect consumers, internet users and others from the predatory practices of data brokers and massive platform companies. His appointment to the FTC will allow this crucial and reinvigorated agency to get to work protecting people, promoting competition and holding powerful companies accountable.

“Free Press Action urges the Senate to vote on these nominees as quickly as possible, immediately schedule a hearing for the remaining nominees and confirm all of these highly qualified leaders so they can get to work right away on the pressing issues before them.”

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