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WASHINGTON — Free Press Action Co-CEO Jessica J. González made the following statement in response to a Washington Post report about revelations made by a new Facebook whistleblower:

“The latest whistleblower revelations confirm what many of us have been sounding the alarm about for years. Facebook is not fit to govern itself. The social-media giant is already trying to minimize the value and impact of these whistleblower exposés, including Frances Haugen’s. The information these brave individuals have brought forth is of immense importance to the public and we are grateful that these and other truth-tellers are stepping up.

“Facebook is conducting a serial coverup of practices that put communities of color and other minorities at great risk for hate, harassment, violence and disinformation campaigns. Not only are Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives failing to protect our elections and keep our communities safe, they are failing to fulfill their responsibilities to the company’s shareholders.

“Zuckerberg has made multiple appearances before Congress and nothing has changed. It’s time for Congress and the Biden administration to investigate a Facebook business model that profits from spreading the most extreme hate and disinformation. It’s time for immediate action to hold the company accountable for the many harms it’s inflicted on our democracy.”

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