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Early estimates show that more than 70 percent of newly elected Democratic members of Congress expressly campaigned on restoring Net Neutrality protections, and those are just the ones who made it an issue in their elections. Dozens more candidates have spoken up in favor of other essential communication rights like protecting our privacy, closing the digital divide, supporting quality journalism and much more.

A proactive agenda

Our 2019 policy priorities lay out a proactive agenda for the new year and the new Congress, to move us closer to building media and communications systems that empower everyone to connect and communicate freely and safely.

Over the past two years, changemakers inside and outside of Washington have had to devote a great deal of energy to playing defense against the Trump administration’s attacks on our communities and our communications infrastructure. That work must and will continue, but we believe it isn’t enough to guard our past we must also chart our future.

We deserve a media system that’s open, affordable, democratic and safe for all people. In the end, communication tools both old and new are just that tools that can be used to liberate or to oppress. We can’t allow inertia to lock us into replicating history’s mistakes.

Bold action is necessary to ensure that our media future is one of liberation.

We’ve identified four major priorities:

  • Restoring Net Neutrality and fostering broadband choice and internet affordability.

  • Breaking up media conglomerates to promote local journalism and media equity.

  • Strengthening privacy and civic discourse on the internet’s biggest platforms.

  • Making communities safer from surveillance by federal agencies and local police.

You can read the full document here. Then join us and our 1.4 million members by fighting for the media and technology policies and tools everyone needs and deserves.

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