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  • House Democrats Urge Chairman Pai to Keep His Hands Off Net Neutrality

    April 4, 2017
    WASHINGTON — Thirty-two members of Congress on Tuesday sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai urging him to abide by the Communications Act and follow the Net Neutrality rules passed by the FCC in 2015.
  • Trump Signals Net Neutrality Is the Next Target

    March 30, 2017
    WASHINGTON — In response to a question about President Trump’s support for the privacy-killing resolution Congress passed earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer indicated on Thursday that the administration will soon come after the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules and the legal authority the agency relies on to enforce them.
  • FCC Chairman Pai Misreads the Law to Limit Lifeline Options

    March 29, 2017
    WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai issued a statement suggesting he will not reverse his Feb. 3 decision to revoke the Lifeline Broadband Provider status of nine internet service providers. He relied on a misread of the law to argue that states and not the FCC bear the primary responsibility for determining which providers are eligible to participate in the Lifeline broadband program.
  • House Republicans Vote to Destroy FCC's Online Privacy Protections

    March 28, 2017
    WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed a resolution of disapproval to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s landmark broadband-privacy rules, giving companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon free rein to spy on customers and sell their private information. The vote follows the Senate’s passage of the resolution last Thursday. More than 15,000 calls against the measure poured into the Capitol in the two days before the House vote.
  • Tens of Thousands Urge FCC Chairman Pai to Get Serious About the Digital Divide, Stop Restricting Lifeline Services

    March 24, 2017
    WASHINGTON — On Thursday, a coalition of digital rights advocates, racial justice groups and grassroots activists called on Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to make a more genuine effort to provide affordable internet access for low-income communities.
  • Senate Republicans Vote to Strip Americans of Online Privacy Protections

    March 23, 2017
    WASHINGTON — On Thursday, the Senate passed a resolution of disapproval to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s landmark broadband-privacy rules and expose internet users to spying by companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.
  • Advocates to Deliver 660,000 Petition Signatures to Congress Urging 'Hands Off PBS Kids!'

    March 20, 2017
    WASHINGTON — Kids and parents will rally on the steps of Capitol Hill with well-known PBS characters at 11 a.m. EDT on Tuesday to deliver more than 660,000 petition signatures urging Congress to reject Donald Trump’s efforts to eliminate federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
  • Free Press Action Fund: Trump's Plan to Axe Public Broadcasting to Be Met with Fierce Public Opposition

    March 16, 2017
    WASHINGTON — On Thursday, President Donald Trump proposed the elimination of all federal funding for public broadcasting, a main revenue source for local PBS and NPR stations across the country.
  • Free Press Action Fund Unveils Proposal to Use Airwaves-Auction Windfall to Strengthen New Jersey

    March 15, 2017
    TRENTON — Free Press Action Fund on Wednesday called on the New Jersey legislature to use money from the auction of the state’s public-TV stations to create a New Jersey Civic Information Consortium, a joint initiative with four of the state’s leading universities to invest in community-information needs.
  • Is the Press the Enemy of the People? FCC Chairman Pai Refuses to Answer

    March 8, 2017
    WASHINGTON — Testifying Wednesday at a Senate oversight hearing, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai evaded repeated questions about whether he agreed with President Donald Trump’s claims that the press are “the enemy of the American people.”


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