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  • Another GOP operative named to head the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

    September 26, 2005

    WASHINGTON - On Monday, Cheryl Halpern was named chairwoman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, replacing embattled Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson. Josh Silver, executive director of Free Press, made the following statement:

  • New Community Internet resources

    September 22, 2005

    WASHINGTON -- Consumers Union and Free Press today unveiled extensive new online resources designed to educate the public and foster development of "Community Internet" projects around the country.

  • Groups call for more sunshine at Corporation for Public Broadcasting

    September 14, 2005

    WASHINGTON -- Twelve media reform groups on Wednesday called on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to increase transparency of its decision-making and open its meetings to more public participation.

  • Does media concentration lead to more indecency on the airwaves?

    September 8, 2005

    WASHINGTON — A new report released today by the Center for Creative Voices in Media and Fordham University's Donald McGannon Communication Research Center offers compelling evidence of a link between media consolidation and broadcast indecency.

  • Media Concentration and Indecency: Is There a Link?

    September 6, 2005

    WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 8, 1:30 p.m.

    WHERE: National Press Club, First Amendment Room, 529 14th St. NW, Washington, D.C.

    WHAT: Press conference and release of new report, "Ownership Concentration and Indecency in Broadcasting: Is There a Link?"


  • Commissioner Michael J. Copps, Federal Communications Commission
  • Consumer Groups Oppose 'Multicast Must Carry'

    September 6, 2005

    WASHINGTON -- Consumer groups today urged Congress to reject any proposals that would require automatic cable distribution of every channel local broadcasters choose to provide following the digital television transition, known as "multicast must carry." When broadcasters are forced to switch from analog signals to digital signals, they will be able to produce up to six channels of programming for

  • New Yorkers rally for Community Internet

    August 17, 2005

    NEW YORK -- Free Press Campaign Director Timothy Karr made the following remarks today at a rally outside Verizon headquarters in Manhattan:

    High-speed Internet service is no longer a luxury. As it becomes a necessity for all Americans, control of this vital service has fallen into the hands of fewer and fewer corporations.

  • Americans falling woefully behind the rest of world in broadband access

    August 10, 2005

    WASHINGTON – Despite a rosy picture painted by the Federal Communications Commission, America's access to affordable, high-speed Internet lags far behind the rest of the digital world.

  • Consumer Groups Urge FCC to Set Limits on Cable Giants

    August 8, 2005

    WASHINGTON -- Consumer groups today urged the Federal Communications Commission to establish tough new limits to keep big cable companies from growing even larger.

  • Public interest groups urge Corporation for Public Broadcasting to open meetings to the public

    July 27, 2005

    WASHINGTON -- Ten public interest groups today released a letter they have delivered to each member of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's board of directors and to new CPB President Patricia Harrison.

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