Free Press Encourages Broadband Competition for Small-Business Market

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WASHINGTON -- Today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski revealed select portions of the National Broadband Plan designed to spur small-business adoption of and access to high-speed Internet services.

Ben Scott, policy director of Free Press, said,

"The small-business market is critical to the future of broadband in America, and the FCC is right to make it a focus of its national broadband plan. In particular, the plan itself should review policies to foster competition and seek to break existing monopolies and duopolies that result in high prices and mediocre services for small businesses.

"Chairman Genachowski indicated this morning that the national broadband plan would recommend that the FCC review its competition policies. The plan itself should already include such a review, permitting the Commission to move directly to implement policy change. The small-business market needs immediate action to solve the competition problem, which should not be punted further down the road. Small businesses are the engine of job creation, and we should strive for competitive choices and affordable prices for startup businesses."


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