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Free Press Action urges Congress to analyze how social and traditional media have created an ecosystem that nurtures lies; to explore steps to regulate or ban abusive data practices and discriminatory targeting; and  hold broadcasters and other traditional media outlets accountable for pushing COVID lies.

More from the Policy Library

  • Congressional Correspondence

    Senators Raise Concerns Over Antitrust Legislation

    Four U.S. senators sent a letter urging Sen. Amy Klobuchar to address the hate-and-disinformation loophole in S.2992, a bill that could prevent top tech platforms from moderating some of the most toxic sites and services on the internet.

  • Congressional Correspondence

    Disinfo Defense League Letter to Congress

    More than a dozen members of the Disinfo Defense League called on lawmakers to modify the American Data Privacy and Protection Act, which they call “a strong start to blunting extractive data practices.”