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‘Tis the season of giving and the table is spread,
Grandma is happy, though we burned the cornbread.

There’s lively discussion and arguments galore,
The company is grand, but what we’re most thankful for

Is our friends who professionally argue cases of every sort —
Our LAWYERS fighting off Trump’s crap in court.

From the highest court to a district near you,
They’re defending Net Neutrality and local media, too.

Our lawyers are smart and strategic as can be,
They work for justice. But they don’t work for free.

So help us keep fighting in 2019.
Please donate now so we can sue the snowpants off the FCC.


This holiday season, we at Free Press are grateful for the amazing lawyers on our staff who are fighting to stop the FCC from gutting our communication rights. At this very moment they’re prepping for two big federal-court cases. They’re working hard to:

  • Stop the FCC’s repeal of local media-ownership limits
  • Reverse the FCC’s shameful decision to destroy the Net Neutrality rules

Please chip in $5 or whatever you can to give our lawyers the resources they need to keep working hard.

And feel free to share this poem at your next holiday dinner or gathering to bring smiles to faces — and more supporters to the fight.

Every little bit is an incredible help.

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