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WASHINGTON — Please join a panel discussion on March 2 on the importance of restoring the Federal Communications Commission’s Title II authority to ensure an open internet, expand affordable broadband and protect against abuses by powerful phone and cable companies.

The briefing will feature opening remarks from Sen. Ed Markey (D–Massachusetts) and Reps. Yvette Clarke (D–New York) and Mike Doyle (D–Pennsylvania). A panel of policy experts and advocates will then discuss the need to restore strong Title II protections.

In 2017, Trump’s now-departed FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, jettisoned the agency’s Title II framework for Net Neutrality rules in a move that disregarded the overwhelming bipartisan support for these kinds of protections. This repeal cleared the way for internet service providers to block or discriminate against websites, apps and content chosen by broadband customers. The Pai repeal also stripped the FCC of the authority to respond with measures to treat broadband as an essential telecommunications service, including actions to make broadband more affordable, ubiquitous and competitive.

Panelists will discuss ways the COVID emergency has highlighted the need for a stronger FCC, capable of helping people who are struggling to afford a home-internet connection.

WHAT: Congressional Briefing on Restoring FCC Authority to Enforce Open-Internet Protections and Expand Affordable Broadband
WHEN: Tues., March 2, at noon ET (40-minute briefing, 20-minute Q&A)
OPENING REMARKS: Sen. Ed Markey, Rep. Yvette Clarke and Rep. Mike Doyle
PANELISTS: Dana Floberg, moderator (Free Press Action), Harold Feld (Public Knowledge), Yosef Getachew (Common Cause), council member Zeke Cohen (Baltimore City Council) Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Danielle Goldstein (participating in their personal capacity), and Janice Gates (Equitable Internet Initiative)

RSVP TO JOIN THE BRIEFING ON ZOOM: After you RSVP, you will receive a confirmation email from Fight for the Future.

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