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WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, the House of Representatives’ Communications & Technology Subcommittee held a markup on the Save the Internet Act of 2019, H.R. 1644, which would restore the FCC’s strong Net Neutrality rules and Title II legal framework for broadband. The bill was voted out of the subcommittee favorably on an 18–11 vote. It’s expected to move soon to the full House Energy & Commerce Committee for a markup and vote.

Introduced earlier this month, the legislation had already drawn the support of 166 sponsors in the House by the time of today’s markup. It would reinstate the entire 2015 Open Internet Order.

Free Press Action Campaign Director Candace Clement made the following statement:

“Free Press Action thanks the Communications and Technology Subcommittee for passing the Save the Internet Act, and taking the first step toward restoring Net Neutrality and other vital broadband protections. People need strong Net Neutrality rules to protect their online civil rights, and that’s exactly what this bill delivers.

“Support for this bill is growing every day, and it’s easy to see why. People need the open internet to connect with loved ones, pursue employment opportunities, advance their education and fight for justice. Without Net Neutrality rules and FCC oversight grounded on the strong legal foundation of Title II, our ability to seek and share trustworthy information is in jeopardy.

“Companies like Comcast, of course, don’t care about any of that. Industry lobbyists are resorting to their usual tricks to torpedo this bill.

“We thank the subcommittee majority for rejecting any industry-friendly amendments that might have undermined the Save the Internet Act, and we call on lawmakers to keep listening to their constituents and moving a clean bill forward.”

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