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WASHINGTON -- On Thursday, Free Press delivered a petition with more than 30,000 signatures to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski urging him to make the public, jobs and journalism the top priorities in the agency's imminent review of media-ownership rules. The petition urges Genachowski to abandon reported plans to eliminate cross-media ownership protections, to address disparities in ownership by women and people of color, and to strengthen its rules to prevent so-called covert consolidation.

Earlier this week, congressional leaders urged the Commission to preserve rules that encourage competition, localism and diversity in the media.

Free Press Policy Counsel Corie Wright made the following statement:

“People all over the country are asking the FCC to put the public interest ahead of corporate interests. They want diverse and competitive local media. They’ve seen how media consolidation adversely impacts the news and information they get from local broadcasters and local newspapers.

“Unfortunately, in the past the FCC has often bowed to industry pressure to relax media ownership protections. Now we need Chairman Genachowski to remedy — not repeat — the mistakes of previous administrations. The public, Congress and the courts have all rejected more media consolidation, and it’s time for the agency to strengthen its rules to promote competition and diversity in the media.”

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