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WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, 49 senators led by Sen. Ed Markey and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer filed a petition to formally discharge the resolution of disapproval reversing the December 2017 FCC decision that stripped internet users of Net Neutrality protections.

The measure, proposed under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), cannot be filibustered and requires only a simple majority to pass. In addition to the 49 senators signing the discharge petition, Sen. Susan Collins has pledged to vote for the measure. The discharge petition filed today forces a Senate vote on the resolution, which is expected to come to the floor as soon as the middle of next week.

A companion resolution, introduced in the House by Rep. Mike Doyle, already has 160 co-sponsors.

Free Press Action Fund, Demand Progress and Fight for the Future — the three groups behind the organizing hub — today kicked off  “Red Alert for Net Neutrality,” a series of actions designed to drive constituent calls and emails to lawmakers ahead of the Senate vote.

Internet activists, major web companies, online forums and small businesses will “go red” for Net Neutrality, displaying banners on their websites and via social media, and urging everyone to tell their senators to vote for the resolution repealing the FCC’s unpopular decision.

Free Press Action Fund President and CEO Craig Aaron made the following statement:

“This is a moment of truth: There’s no more pretending to be for Net Neutrality or proposing fake compromises. The only way to stand with the public and save the internet is to vote for the CRA. This vote will send a powerful rebuke to the FCC and put us back on the path to protecting the free and open internet. Millions of people have spoken out, many Senate leaders have listened, and now legislators must act by voting yes on this crucial measure.”

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