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WASHINGTON -- President Obama is expected to nominate Tom Wheeler, a technology investor and former head of two major trade associations, as the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Free Press President and CEO Craig Aaron made the following statement:

"The Federal Communications Commission needs a strong leader — someone who will use this powerful position to stand up to industry giants and protect the public interest. On paper, Tom Wheeler does not appear to be that person, having headed not one but two major trade associations. But he now has the opportunity to prove his critics wrong, clean up the mess left by his predecessor, and be the public servant we so badly need at the FCC.

"The FCC faces significant challenges — and historic opportunities — and Mr. Wheeler has a unique opportunity to address those issues, ranging from Net Neutrality and broadband competition to media diversity and election-ad transparency. He will face challenges from powerful companies to the most basic consumer protections and help determine whether the free and open Internet stays that way. We hope that he will embrace the FCC's mission and fight for policies that foster genuine competition, promote diversity and amplify local voices.

"There is a much to be done — and the honeymoon will be short — but we look forward to working with Mr. Wheeler and the other commissioners at the FCC to engage the public and make policies that truly benefit all Americans."

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