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WASHINGTON — With two weeks to go before Election Day, Free Press has launched an advertising campaign on social-media platforms urging Facebook employees to speak out about any wrongdoing they witness at the company, which has failed to confront election disinformation, calls to violence and racist hate speech on its platforms.

The ads link to information on how Facebook whistleblowers can share information directly and confidentially with the New York attorney general’s office, which has launched an investigation into the company. (See a sample ad below.)

Free Press has consistently criticized Facebook for its failures to address the spread of disinformation and hate speech on its platforms. Free Press is a co-founder of the Change the Terms coalition and the Stop Hate for Profit campaign and serves on the Real Facebook Oversight Board, established to pressure the company to be more accountable this election season.

Free Press President and Co-CEO Craig Aaron made the following statement:

“Many people have been working to address Facebook’s repeated failures from the inside, only to be thwarted by the company’s leaders in Menlo Park and Washington, D.C. If we’re going to protect our democracy and crack down on disinformation and voter disenfranchisement, then those with knowledge of the company’s inner workings must speak up. That’s the only way the truth will emerge.

“Facebook employees can see the enforcement decisions that endanger free and fair elections. They can see how the company is failing to respond to disinformation and calls to violence on its platforms. They can see past the empty gestures and PR campaigns and provide a true picture of whether Facebook leaders are confronting the crisis facing our democracy or simply inflaming it.

“The New York attorney general’s office is investigating Facebook’s wrongdoing but can’t do its job if people on the inside don’t step forward and tell the truth. Investigators have set up tools and practices to ensure confidentiality for those with important information. At this critical juncture for our country, this ad campaign is Free Press’ effort to encourage people at Facebook to share what they know with those in a position to do something about it. Our message to Facebook employees is simple: If you’ve seen something, please say something.”

Sample ad:


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