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WASHINGTON – On Friday, the Federal Communications Commission issued two Notices of Proposed Rulemaking that will determine the agency's path forward on promoting mobile broadband innovation and competition.

Free Press Policy Director Matt Wood made the following statement:

“We’re glad the Commission has taken these two initial steps to reform its approach to spectrum, and we urge it to promote meaningful competition and innovation in the mobile market. The stakes couldn’t be higher. As competition dwindles and prices for wireless service increase, the Commission has an opportunity to propel competition and innovation forward. Failing to seize these opportunities would further cement Verizon and AT&T as entrenched duopoly providers.

“Despite alarmist predictions, the U.S. is not facing a spectrum crisis; it’s facing a spectrum allocation and competition crisis. The FCC must acknowledge that for too long the biggest companies have stifled competition by buying up large swaths of the nation’s most valuable spectrum.

“A more rational screen can ensure the nation’s airwaves are distributed equitably, helping to drive down prices and increase quality of service.  In considering how to approach incentive auctions, it’s imperative that the Commission promote opportunities for current competitors, innovators and entrepreneurs alike to have access to licensed and unlicensed spectrum. 

“The Commission should use this opportunity to address our broadband competition problem and develop a comprehensive competition policy.”

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