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WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday, the Media Access Project announced that it will suspend operations in May.

Free Press President and CEO Craig Aaron made the following statement:

“When the Media Access Project launched in 1973, it created a media reform movement built on the civil rights movement and gave the public a voice in media policy. Andrew Jay Schwartzman is a true pioneer in media reform and advocacy, and his contributions to the field are countless. We thank him for his tireless efforts to represent those who didn't have a voice in Washington and to make sure that the policies created at places like the FCC actually serve the people.

“MAP earned some of the greatest victories for the movement with its key role in protecting media ownership rules and in securing space on the dial for Low Power FM radio. We are truly saddened to see a close ally like MAP close its doors. We trust that not just Andy, but MAP's tremendous network of alumni, and all of us who have been building on the work he started, will carry on the fight for better media and a stronger democracy."

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