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WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, Federal Communications Commissioner Robert McDowell announced his departure from the agency. McDowell, a Republican, has served as an FCC commissioner since 2006.

Free Press President and CEO Craig Aaron made the following statement:

"We congratulate Commissioner McDowell on his decision to leave the FCC. As he considers his next move, we hope he will reject the revolving door and resist becoming another FCC leader who exploits his public service to cash in at the companies he was supposed to regulate.

"We urge the president to nominate a Republican successor who is not simply another cheerleader for the biggest businesses and media monopolists, but who recognizes the free market cannot work if companies are allowed to amass and abuse market power. Competition, diversity and the fostering of local voices shouldn't be partisan issues. These principles — not refereeing between or advocating on behalf of the largest players — are the agency's mission and should guide its work."

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