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WASHINGTON — On Wednesday it came to Free Press’ attention that some violent and inappropriate language was included in the comments of a petition submitted to the Federal Communications Commission earlier this week. Free Press is now reviewing the petition submission, which allowed the public to add personal comments alongside their signatures.

Free Press deeply regrets that this incident occurred and plans to withdraw the inappropriate individual comment and remove the commenter from our email list. We are taking measures in the future to closely review public comments to ensure that this never happens again.

Free Press doesn’t condone this individual’s statement or violence of any kind. Free Press and our staff have been subjected to hate speech and advocate for people of all faiths and identities who are on the receiving end of such violent threats.

Free Press’ petition calls on the FCC to create a more inclusive and just media system. Expressions of hate or calls to violence against anyone are not a part of that vision, and Free Press condemns them. Free Press regrets this error and apologizes to FCC staff who received this submission.

UPDATE: Free Press has withdrawn the public petition comments in their entirety in correspondence with the FCC, and re-submitted only the sign-on letter originally filed yesterday. We have also removed the individual commenter from our email list.

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