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WASHINGTON – Free Press today responded to unfounded attacks from the Alliance for Digital Equality, an AT&T-funded group that opposes Net Neutrality. The ADE made claims about Free Press and an independent study conducted and written by the Harmony Institute on messaging the public about issues surrounding the future of the Internet.

Josh Silver, president and CEO of Free Press, made the following statement:

“I have no idea what the Alliance for Digital Equality is talking about in its recent missive about the motives of Free Press. Perhaps they need to re-read the guide, which was not produced or written by Free Press, and does nothing that ADE claims. All this guide actually does is explore how to talk about the complex but crucially important issue of Net Neutrality in new ways the might reach new and diverse audiences.

"If anyone is being manipulated, it is by the misinformation campaigns of the Alliance for Digital Equality and the telecom and cable industry. Apparently, the only messages they want people to hear are those approved by Comcast or AT&T. We will not be cowed by dishonest efforts designed to divide the public and enable the nation’s biggest phone and cable companies to destroy the open Internet.”

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