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WASHINGTON — On Thursday evening, Free Press will park a large mobile video screen across the street from the Washington hotel hosting a dinner celebrating Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

The Jumbotron screen will display messages from Americans speaking out in support of real Net Neutrality protections, including President Obama, who on Nov. 10 urged the FCC to craft strong rules by reclassifying broadband under Title II of the Communications Act. The FCC is currently drafting new open Internet rules, which it will vote on early next year.

The Jumbotron will play these messages outside the Washington Hilton as FCC Chairman Wheeler speaks to a room filled with telecommunications-industry lawyers and lobbyists at the annual dinner sponsored by the Federal Communications Bar Association. The video program includes homemade YouTube videos, images from Net Neutrality rallies and testimonials from public hearings that the FCC chairman and his fellow commissioners declined to attend.

“While Chairman Wheeler is laughing it up with lawyers and lobbyists at yet another exclusive Washington gala, we want to make sure he doesn’t forget about the millions and millions of Net Neutrality supporters who are still watching and waiting for him to act,” said Free Press President and CEO Craig Aaron. “The videos will amplify the voices of so many Americans, including President Obama, who have urged Wheeler to put the needs of Internet users before the greed of AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.”

The outdoor video program will begin at 5:30 p.m. Representatives from Free Press will be available on site for comment.

All video segments can be viewed at:

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