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BIG NEWS: Your Donation to Save Net Neutrality Will Be Tripled

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WASHINGTON -- On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission received a status report from its Technology Transitions task force. The presentation laid out a preliminary framework for considering issues raised by ongoing upgrades to public communications networks, known as the IP transition. The FCC will follow today's presentation with an order and a request for comments in this proceeding at its meeting in January.

Free Press Policy Director Matt Wood made the following statement:

"We're glad Chairman Wheeler is committed to protecting the public as the agency takes its next steps on the IP transition. But the technical jargon and misleading statistics thrown around in this debate cannot cloud the FCC's vision.

"This debate is not about copper versus fiber lines, nor the so-called phone system. The American people don't care about the technology under the hood, nor the legal gymnastics some companies suggest to gut important consumer protections.

“The broadband market will remain uncompetitive unless the FCC takes decisive action to restore its authority. That is ultimately what this debate is about. Our democracy and economy rely on communications networks, no matter what technologies those networks use.”

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