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WASHINGTON -- Reacting to reports about the Federal Communications Commission’s announcement today on the commission’s oversight of broadband transmission, Free Press Research Director S. Derek Turner said, "By putting the FCC's regulatory framework back in harmony with congressional intent, Chairman Genachowski is reversing one of the worst deregulatory mistakes of the past decade."

"This is a step in the right direction that rejects the special interests of giant network owners. But he should be cautious about throwing out rules that would promote competition and affordability. The Chairman’s plan appears to preemptively abandon important provisions of the law that serve consumers.

"The FCC's own data indicates that we have a duopoly problem today, and a looming cable monopoly problem ahead. The commission should not unnecessarily take away the tools Congress gave the FCC to promote competition and affordability in our advanced communications markets.

“We urge the commission to move speedily because consumers and Internet users are unprotected.”

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