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WASHINGTON -- The FCC Tuesday published the results of a study measuring the real-world performance of most major U.S. Internet service providers. While the study indicates some providers are consistently delivering their customers the promised network speeds, it reveals that many providers are falling well short of their advertised claims.

Free Press research director S. Derek Turner issued the following statement:

"No matter how industry tries to put a positive spin on these results, the report shows conclusively that many Americans are simply not getting what they pay for. This study indicates Comcast, Cox and Verizon FiOS largely perform well, but other companies like Cablevision, AT&T, MediaCom and Frontier all fail to deliver their customers the quality of service promised.

"The fact that providers using the same technology turned in very different performances indicates that delivering promised speeds can be done, but some ISPs are simply failing to properly maintain and provision their networks. It's completely inexcusable that millions upon millions of Americans are paying for something they're not receiving.

"In every other industry, giving your customers less than what they paid for is a very serious offense. ISPs should be held to the same standard, no matter how much they try to spin their way out of it."

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