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WASHINGTON -- In a statement Monday, Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps announced that he would vote to move forward FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s so-called Net Neutrality rules. The announcement appears to give the chairman the three votes necessary to pass his order.

Free Press Managing Director Craig Aaron made the following statement:

“We are deeply disappointed that this Commission appears to be moving forward with deeply flawed rules that don’t live up to the promises of the president or the FCC chairman to protect the free and open Internet. These rules appear to be flush with giant loopholes, and the FCC chairman seems far more concerned with winning the endorsement of AT&T and the cable lobbyists than with listening to the millions of Americans who have pleaded with him to fix his proposal. This short-sighted decision is all too familiar to those who have watched the Obama administration and its appointees squander the opportunity for real change in favor of industry-written compromises that reward the biggest players from Wall Street to health care and now the Internet. There is overwhelming public support for real Net Neutrality, and this setback won’t stop those fighting to save the Internet."

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