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WASHINGTON – Three weeks after a federal appeals court put the Federal Communications Commission’s ability to safeguard Internet users in jeopardy, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski continues to dodge questions about what course his agency will take to ensure Network Neutrality and to achieve the critical goals of the National Broadband Plan.

Today Free Press launched a clock to publicly mark the time elapsed since the FCC left the Internet unprotected. Since the court decision, Free Press and its allies in the Coalition have collected nearly 250,000 signatures on a petition asking the FCC to take swift action to protect the Internet.

Free Press Managing Director Craig Aaron said:

“The time for deliberation is over. The FCC chairman has promised the American public that he would defend Net Neutrality and take any steps needed to ensure that every American can get fast, affordable, world-class Internet service. Yet over the past three weeks, when asked how his agency was going to put the National Broadband Plan and the ongoing open Internet proceeding on solid legal ground, Chairman Genachowski has hemmed, hawed and hedged, saying only that his lawyers were considering next steps.

“Free Press and the Coalition will work to make sure the chairman hears the overwhelming public outcry for Net Neutrality. The phone and cable industry and their attack dogs have made every effort to spread misinformation, but Chairman Genachowski shouldn’t be deterred by their tired tactics. The FCC must be able to protect Internet users, and reclassifying broadband is the best way to do so. The right course of action is evident; the political will to take it, less so.

“The FCC chairman must realize that not just the Obama administration’s technology agenda, but the very future of the free and open Internet now rests on his shoulders.

“The clock is ticking at the FCC: The time for bold and decisive leadership is now.”

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