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WASHINGTON – Today, the Federal Communications Commission announced it would seek further public comment in its rulemaking on Net Neutrality to further explore issues related to managed services and mobile broadband.

Free Press Research Director S. Derek Turner made the following statement:

“The FCC continues to kick the can down the road and prolong this process, but the longer the FCC ponders the politics of Net Neutrality, the longer consumers are left unprotected. It is time for the FCC to stop writing notices and start making clear rules of the road. The phone and cable companies have shown us what the Internet will look like if they are allowed to write their own rules and build a two-tiered Internet with fast and slow lanes and zero protections on mobile broadband. We don’t need more questions from the FCC, we need more answers.”

“Today’s announcement does nothing to change what the FCC must do next. The crucial first step for the agency is to reassert its authority and reclassify broadband access services under Title II of the Communications Act. This must happen before any Net Neutrality rules can be finalized. This is the only way the Commission can fully protect the open Internet and free speech online.”

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