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WASHINGTON -- On Monday, Free Press announced that Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden joined more than 1,500 groups and organizations and 50,000 individuals from more than 130 countries who have signed the Declaration of Internet Freedom since its launch on July 2.

“The events of the last year, at home and abroad, made clear that access to an open Internet is vital to democracy, the advancement of human rights, individual empowerment and social progress,” Sen. Wyden said. “The Declaration of Internet Freedom lays out rights that must be defended.”

Other new signers include the human rights activist and artist Ai Weiwei, Boxee, the Center for Media Justice, Foundry Group, Free Software Foundation, Global Voices Advocacy, Native Public Media, SlideShare, Union Square Ventures and Ushahidi.

The document has been translated and shared in 13 different languages, including Arabic, Dari, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

"The Declaration of Internet Freedom has been embraced by Internet users around the world,” said Josh Levy, Free Press Internet campaign director. “The addition of so many organizations, small businesses and notable individuals testifies to the broad appeal and power of the Declaration's five principles. Meanwhile, Internet users are taking the document into their own hands, voluntarily translating it into Polish, Korean, Persian and other languages. We look forward to the growing global conversation about how we can protect the free and open Internet for good."

Monday also marked the launch of August’s “Summer of Internet Freedom” initiative urging Internet activists around the world to organize events celebrating the Declaration of Internet Freedom.

“An Internet barbecue is a unique chance for people to get together, eat good food and talk about how they can unite to confront the various threats to the Internet,” Levy said.

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