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Tell Facebook: Permanently Ban Trump

Facebook needs to step up and take responsibility.
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All too often, news organizations place profit over the public interest. This approach distorts coverage of important issues and promotes a pro-corporate agenda. Sensationalism and bias lead to coverage that dehumanizes women, people of color and other communities and makes them less safe.

We critique coverage and outlets that push biased or hateful narratives, and we work with media makers to elevate independent and diverse voices.

Question and Answers


    Why is this a racial justice issue?

    A: Many media outlets traffic in stereotypical images that harm people of color. Strategies and tactics employed in newsrooms across the country perpetuate biased media representations. These unjust portrayals of Black and Latinx communities have real-world consequences, including harsher treatment in courtrooms, doctors’ offices and interactions with law enforcement.

    How should the media cover hate?

    A: Too many outlets normalize hate speech or behave as passive observers of hateful actions. The media must stop providing a platform for racism, White nationalism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and other forms of hate. News outlets need to hold the Trump administration and hate groups accountable and acknowledge the dangers they pose to our democracy.

Our Work on Media Accountability

We call out news outlets when they present stereotypical coverage or provide a platform for hateful commentators.

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