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Free Press’ legal work focuses on preserving Net Neutrality and internet openness; advancing affordable and universal internet access; promoting diverse media and preventing communications-industry consolidation; and protecting privacy against government surveillance and corporate marketing. It also supports Free Press’ work in other areas, such as policies to safeguard press freedom and reimagine responsive community-based journalism.

Most of these projects involve rulemaking-comment drafting and court briefings against the nation’s top communications law firms and appellate litigators. Many of them have a profound impact on First Amendment doctrine and policies, and on our media and technology landscape.

Student legal fellows are based in Free Press’ Washington, D.C. office. They work primarily with the Free Press policy team, and also coordinate with our campaign and organizing teams.


  • Applicants for a student legal fellowship must be enrolled in law school. Students who have completed just their first year are welcome and encouraged to apply, and need not have started or completed 2L year. Current-year graduates may also be considered for summer positions.

  • Some knowledge of federal legislative and regulatory processes is helpful but not required. Completion of or enrollment in an administrative-law class is likewise helpful but not required.

  • A working knowledge of communications, media, technology and internet law issues preferred, including experience or interest in areas such as Net Neutrality, First Amendment, media and telecom law, antitrust, privacy and other core Free Press issues.

  • Applicants must be prepared to work in a fast-paced environment and be responsive to shifting circumstances in Washington and elsewhere.

  • Excellent organizational, management and communications skills are a must.

  • Excellent writing and public speaking skills, as well as facility with online spreadsheets and software, are vital.

Please note: We are not currently accepting applications.

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About Free Press: Free Press fights to save Net Neutrality, achieve affordable internet access for all, uplift the voices of people of color in the media, challenge old and new media gatekeepers to serve the public interest, end unwarranted surveillance, defend press freedom and reimagine local journalism.

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