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Do you have information on wrongdoing at Facebook?

File a confidential complaint with the New York Attorney General’s office.

Facebook’s outsized influence on community health, safety and our democracy is undeniable. With disinformation and calls to violence flooding peoples’ feeds, the threats we face today are greater than ever. Unfortunately, Facebook leadership is falling short and putting us all at risk.

Facebook employees know what’s happening — sometimes weeks or months or even years before the public ever knows about internal debates.

They can see the enforcement decisions that endanger free and fair elections. They can see how the company is choosing to respond, or not respond, to disinformation and calls to violence.

The New York Attorney General’s office is investigating Facebook, and it wants to hear from those with knowledge of what’s happening at the company. Speaking out now — anonymously and confidentially — could make a huge difference in the future of Facebook and the future of this country.

How to File a Whistleblower Complaint with the New York Attorney General

  1. Download the Tor browser: To submit a confidential complaint, the NY AG’s office first requires you to download the Tor browser to provide more protections for your communications anonymity and encryption.
  2. Open the Tor browser and enter the NY AG whistleblower page: Once you’ve downloaded the browser, copy and paste this URL into the address bar: http://nyattgennttw5c3d.onion
  3. Fill out the form: The NY AG Whistleblower Portal will ask you for the following information:
    1. Nature of the information you wish to provide (in a few words, what does your submission relate to?)
    2. Detailed description
    3. Files (attach any files or documents relevant to your submission — file size limit is 30MB, though you can upload multiple files)
    4. Contact information (optional)
  4. Receive secret code: Once your information has been received, you will receive a secret code that can be used to track your submission and communicate with the office via Tor on an ongoing basis.

To learn more, visit the New York Attorney General’s whistleblower page at

For more information on the NY AG’s investigation into Facebook, check out these resources:

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