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Building Community Power

Building Community Power: A newsroom’s guide to equitable engagement

A resource of Free Press in partnership with the American Journalism Project

Equitable Engagement in the Newsroom

This step-by-step guide by Alicia Bell and Mike Rispoli can help newsrooms examine their own power and design engagement strategies that don’t perpetuate transactional or extractive relationships with the public. 

For journalism to thrive and best serve the public, newsrooms must design practices that cultivate engaged and vibrant communities — especially among people of color, low-income people and others who both journalism and society at large have failed. And to foster a new future for journalism, it’s crucial for news outlets to share and build power with local communities.

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Our Work on Local Journalism

The future of journalism and the future of our communities are intertwined. News Voices is bringing communities and newsrooms together. Here's how:

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