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Once a month, we provide updates from the field as staffers work alongside our amazing allies and activists to create a more just and equitable media system.

Program Manager Diamond Hardiman and Media 2070 Campaign Manager Venneikia Williams took part in a range of powerful convenings, both together and solo:

  • Venneikia gave the keynote speech at “Black Well-Being: Moving Toward Solutions Together.” This Seattle event was hosted by the Black Future Co-op Fund, a Washington-based collective creating a new model for philanthropy.
  • Diamond discussed the fight for media reparations during a panel discussion held as part of “Juneteenth: Fighting for Liberation.” Venneikia helped facilitate breakout groups during the second day of this Blackroots Alliance event.
  • Venneikia and MediaJustice Narrative Director Eteng Ettah hosted a virtual screening of Free Speech TV’s digital series That’s So Black and talked about Black storytelling in the digital age.
  • Diamond and Venneikia presented a session on “Black Future Newsstands” at the Allied Media Conference. During the conversation, they invited participants to imagine what kinds of news, information and storytelling might exist in the future if they centered the vastness of Black experience. Check out this beautiful reel.

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