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Republican members of the House recently introduced three bills that falsely claim to restore Net Neutrality. In reality, these bills would just preserve and codify the FCC’s order destroying actual Title II Net Neutrality.

In response, Free Press Action members visited their reps’ offices to make sure none of the lawmakers who support Net Neutrality would fall for these sham bills.

Their visits corresponded with Valentine’s Day, the perfect day to start building new relationships with a new Congress and to start talking about protecting a free and open internet. And that meant advocating for real Net Neutrality, which allows us all to make and maintain important connections in our lives.

During the action, we had nervous first-time cupids who were quick to earn their wings and arrows by talking with their representatives and showing their love for the open internet. We had students and retirees. We had Trans folks and Black folks defying an office’s microaggressions. We had some of the best cupids that Valentine’s Day has ever seen.

Most cupids made thoughtful, personal, funny and/or tasty valentines to leave behind. During their visits, they talked with congressional staff and lawmakers about how important the internet is to them for a variety of reasons, including being able to organize, access educational content and manage basic life logistics. Activists also talked about the ways the internet helps small-business owners compete and stay afloat.

In the spirit of the holiday, some cupids asked their reps “Will you be mine?” Others took their first step toward making memorable connections with staff and sharing the need for an unrestricted internet where folks can speak out without the fear of governmental or corporate censorship. Still others had fun with rhymes like “Roses are red, violets are blue, we want Net Neutrality and that means Title II.”

On the 14th, there were arrows flying left and right, from coast to coast, coated in both Southern hospitality and Northern determination. Arrows worked to warm up the hearts of congressional aides and reps in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Vermont and more.

The fake Net Neutrality bills are a real threat to the future of the free and open internet and it’s important to be in touch with your U.S. representative about this issue. In March there will be a congressional recess, which means lawmakers will be home and able to meet with their constituents.

Now is a great time to start building relationships with your representative's office and asking for an in-person meeting with them for next month. If you’re ready to get started, message us at and we’ll help you get started.

Check out photos from cupids all across the country below:

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