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We provide regular updates from the field as staffers work alongside our amazing allies and activists to create a just and equitable media system.

  • Jessica J. González took part in a gathering in Bali of women and nonbinary leaders from throughout the world who are advancing democracy and human rights. Most of the participants were from countries in the global majority, including Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Myanmar, Pakistan and Venezuela. The group — which consisted of many political exiles — discussed ways to work in solidarity to build a better future for their respective communities. The event was the second engagement of three that the Ouano Foundation has organized.
  • Nora Benavidez discussed disinformation and civil rights at the symposium “Luminarias De La Ley: Illuminating the Way for Latina Futures,” which UCLA Latino Studies hosted.
  • Nora discussed digital civil rights in a presentation for a class on media and democracy at Duke University. Public-policy expert Phil Napoli teaches the course with former Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan.
  • Nora also spoke at the American Democracy Summit, where she took part in a panel discussion examining how social media has changed over time — away from its original promise of bringing people together, and toward a profit model that seeks to maximize our attention with little regard to the consequences for our children, our communities and our democracy. The conversation explored ways to make social media safer and healthier.
  • Vanessa Maria Graber attended the Latino Behavioral Health Coalition Town Hall in Philly and participated in a Spanish-language panel discussion on gun violence. The conversation explored how Latinx media outlets cover crime and gun violence in the city and considered how media coverage and social media have harmed local community members.
  • Vanessa Maria also took part in “Independent Media and the Solidarity Economy,” a panel discussion at the People Powered Media Festival. The conversation explored how alternative media outlets can tell the story of our freedom.
  • Jenna Ruddock participated in a panel discussion about digital infrastructures and environmental justice at the Association of Internet Researchers conference in Philly. Jenna shared her research into the legal strategies tech companies use to prevent local communities from learning about data centers’ projected environmental impacts. 
  • Cassie Owens spoke to a journalism class at Temple University about Free Press’ work to transform coverage of crime, trauma and public safety in Philly.

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