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You’re probably wondering: Why the changes?

Here are a few quick reasons:

1. It's about time. Free Press has been going strong for 15 years! We’re excited to refresh our look in a way that resonates for 2018 and beyond.

2. We’re evolving. In addition to our new logo and website, Free Press is changing the way we talk about our work. That means more useful content, more voices and perspectives, and storytelling that reflects our organizational commitment to racial equity.

3. We want to be more accessible and engaging. It’s not easy to talk about complex issues of media and technology justice. (Think about the first time you heard the term “Net Neutrality.”) But if we’re going to build a more connected future, it’s important to make as many people as possible feel welcome and involved.

Get involved now by exploring our new site. Be sure to check out these three featured sections, which make it easier than ever to get information and take action:

  • Our Issues: Check out this roundup of the issues Free Press has identified as central to our ability to connect and communicate.

  • Our Response: In addition to research and analysis, this is where you’ll find perspectives and stories posted by our staff, members and allies.

  • Get Involved: With just one click, you can access a variety of ways to take action and make a real difference in your community and beyond.

Here’s what else you can expect:

Check out the new Free Press website now and share it with your friends. That means family, colleagues, journalists, techies, media makers, community organizers and anyone else that believes media and technology should be top-notch and accessible to all.

Thanks for your continued support!

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