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The majority opinions are tough to read and seem to come from an alternate reality where there is no racism, no sexism and no violent anti-LGBTQIA+ agenda, an imaginary place where poor people and people of color have the same opportunities to thrive as rich white folks.

We know that powerful white people will do everything they can to hold on to their dominance as this country transitions to a minority-majority nation within the next 20 years. We know that greedy media corporations will prop up that agenda. We know that those who seek to dominate are scared when they see us uniting across race, class and religion to build power for ordinary people. We know that they will try to erase history, spread lies and even go so far as to take up arms to preserve their place in society. 

Take it from a scrappy Mexican American nerd from a working-class family who is here today as the co-CEO of Free Press only because of the investment this country made in me through affirmative-action policies and student-loan forgiveness: I’m furious. I won’t back down, and neither will Free Press. We will not allow our kids and grandkids to have fewer opportunities than we had.

We know that media and technology shape people’s beliefs, values and understanding of the world around us. They are powerful tools.

This week set us back. But it will not crush our spirits. We’re here to stand up to the bullies and the corporate greed that props them up and build a media system that informs people about what’s happening in the world around them; that shares the real history of racism, sexism, class warfare, homophobia and transphobia; that helps people understand — and celebrate — those who are different from them.

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