• ethernet-cables

    The Trauma Trinity: Comcast, Time Warner, Charter Now America’s Most-Hated Companies

    November 18, 2014
    Americans would rather deal with unwanted telemarketing calls, fight their insurance companies, or pay top dollar for oil and gas because almost anything is better than dealing with the cable company if it happens to be named Comcast, Time Warner Cable or Charter.
  • A Chance to Rein in the NSA

    November 17, 2014
    It’s been almost 18 months since whistleblower Edward Snowden exposed the NSA’s spying programs. And on Tuesday, the Senate will decide whether to move forward with the USA Freedom Act — a bill that would curb some of the government’s worst surveillance practices.
  • San-Francisco-City-Hall

    Hey Bay Area! Speak Out for Real Net Neutrality

    November 13, 2014
    Obama’s bold statement on Monday marks a critical turning point in the fight for the open Internet — but we haven’t won yet. That’s why we’re co-hosting Bay Area Speaks: A People’s Hearing on the Future of the Internet.
  • Tom-Wheeler-FCC

    Pick Up the Phone and Talk Some Sense into Tom Wheeler

    November 13, 2014
    On Monday President Obama threw his full support behind real Net Neutrality. But FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler still wants rules that would please his industry pals at AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.
  • Randall-Stephenson

    Calling AT&T's Broadband Bluff

    November 12, 2014
    On Wednesday, AT&T threatened to push pause on its alleged commitment to bring fiber connections to 100 U.S. cities. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson says the company can’t move ahead on this project until the FCC decides whether it’s going to protect Net Neutrality.
  • heart

    Most Conservative Voters Heart Net Neutrality

    November 12, 2014
    While Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted that Net Neutrality is “Obamacare for the Internet,” a new poll shows that most conservatives support open Internet protections.
  • Elizabeth-Warren-Nancy-Pelosi

    Lawmakers Tweet Their Support for Obama's #NetNeutrality Statement

    November 11, 2014
    #NetNeutrality trended on Twitter for a good stretch on Monday — all thanks to President Obama’s bold stand in support of the free and open Internet.
  • Obama

    The President Might Have Just Saved the Internet

    November 10, 2014
    During his first run for the White House, Barack Obama promised that he would take "a back seat to no one" on Net Neutrality. Today, the president finally got in the driver's seat.
  • cellphone-protest

    Nov. 6 Vigils to Save Net Neutrality

    November 5, 2014
    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is still fumbling around in the dark. While his original disastrous proposal for the Internet is dead, a new approach he's considering would still leave us stranded in the slow lane.
  • Tom_Wheeler_FCC

    Where Is Tom Wheeler?

    November 5, 2014
    On a recent Monday night in Brooklyn, five empty chairs stood on stage — one for each member of the Federal Communications Commission. A crowd had amassed in the room for a public hearing to send this message to the agency: Don’t hurt the open Internet.


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